Never stop moving forward

It doesn’t matter what you have to say if you can’t effectively communicate it.


About Me

Welcome!  My name is Nicholas Garrigan.  I live in the United States, more specifically Connecticut.  But I am attending Bryant University, and am part of the class of ’19.

In my professional life I’m pursuing a bachelor’s of science in business administration – with a double concentration in marketing & finance.  Pair that with a communications minor and that’s my Bryant life.  

But I wanted something more than just a job… so I started this blog!  I also started a YouTube channel.  

In my free time I love to spend time outside playing soccer, basketball, and tennis.  (You can catch me in intramural: flag football, and softball at school.)  

Some extra things about me?  

  • I was actually born in South Korea, but adopted at 6 months.  

  • I used to be an avid gamer but have since lost time to play – but stay in touch with friends I made from: Louisiana, Canada, and California.  

  • I’m super into investing – namely stocks, but I’m dipping into mutual funds as well.  

  • Phoenix Suns fan.  (seriously.)

Please do not hesitate to drop a comment or contact me via social media with any personal inquiries!  


“Ideas are easy.  Implementation is hard.”


– Guy Kawasaki