Seeing Success With 3 Easy Steps

Grabbing Success By The Throat

Lots of people, myself included, often try to pull themselves in too many directions.  We put ourselves in a “jack of all trades master of none” situation.  Additionally we have been programmed to understand that phrase, and ultimately just deal with it.  But I don’t really believe that if I’m a jack of all trades, that I have truly mastered none.  I have varying interests, and I am an involved in various things.  Does this mean that I have not eclipsed maximum output?

Does it mean I am not successful?

In this blogger’s opinion, you can be a master of more than one thing.  Perhaps it will take you some time… but you can certainly eclipse mastery of multiple things.  To put it into perspective, as a mother or father, that quote is basically telling you that you can either succeed in your personal life (mother/father), or work life (accountant, doctor, nurse, astronaut.)


Let’s say this quote holds truth inside it.


I am currently in six classes, and on three executive boards of organizations here at Bryant – and I can only “master” one?  To look at it from a different angle, perhaps your definition of mastery is the bigger picture here.


I’m getting slightly off track.


You want to succeed at everything you do?


“The more you put in, the more you’ll get out”


Now this seems really simple.  Oh just put in hard work, and I will see good results.  Well yeah, sure, that works.  But more of it is knowing how much you want to get out.  What is your goal?  What are you trying to achieve?  Often for us college student, its a grade.  Do you want an A?  Maybe a B?  But for adults, do you want that promotion?  Want to earn more?  And be honest with yourself, because that is an important part of the process.

Then comes the hardest part – determining how much you have to put in.  This is why I named this blog succeeding at anything you want to do.  Multi-tasking is something we college students do every day – and something we oughta carry into our adult life; or something that adults should be doing every day.  This ability to understand how much of our effort we have to exert into different activities, in order to make sure we are not only doing our job, but also living a healthy and sustainable life is crucial.  So many people forgo health to focus so much effort on a singular item.  But is mastering 1 item in lieu of 7 items worth it?


If you want to succeed at everything you do in life, you first have to define success.  After defining success, you then have to account for what will get you to success.  Whilst this might sound like just quitting anything you don’t see success in right off the bat, it is merely a calculated decision.  If you know that a majority of your life will be spent seeing success in a singular part of your life, why would you drop everything else?  In some cases, the success may be worth it.  One such example is making an innovation so groundbreaking it saves lives, or changes the world in a positive way.

So of course there are rare situations, as in every stance.  There is never anything anyone says that should be applied across the board just straight up – circumstances can conflict with everything.  But in the eyes of this blogger, this is the most efficient way to ensure we are doing everything we can the right way.


If you’re wondering why you are taking advice on success from a 19-year-old still in college, or if you’re even still reading, drop me a comment – I would love to hear from you!