Daily Motivation 2/13/18

“It doesn’t matter why you doubted me.  In any case, you were wrong.”

If you’ve been reading these, you know I’m a ride or die kind of guy.  You’re either with me, or you aren’t.  Personally, I love doubters.  Although I won’t go as far as to say they push me to be better, they certainly make victory sweeter.


But don’t let doubters get to you.  Trust in yourself.  Know that you’re well equipped with the tools and knowledge to succeed.  People talk.  They say you aren’t: smart, tall, big, strong enough to see your dreams out.  No matter what reason they doubted me, no one gets a pass when I succeed.


This speaks a lot to those who believe in you as well.  For today’s daily motivation, take a moment to thank someone important in your life.  For me, it is my best friend Liz who supports me through everything, and always gives me straight up feedback.  Pay the doubters no attention – give all the attention to those who have your back through thick and thin.