Daily Motivation 2/1/18

“I’m controlling my future because I know nobody else can”

First off, I want to address something.  There are people out there in some shitty situations.  I respect people who work around the clock to put food on their table.  I’ve had the luxury of not having to worry, because my parents planned extremely well, and knew what kind of life they wanted me and my sister to live.  This isn’t a brag, but a mere sentiment for those who perhaps aren’t as fortunate, because there are certainly people subject to terrible circumstances, who I feel for, and love that they are actively attempting to change that every day.


For me, I am controlling my future.  But with a comfortable lifestyle, I understand I’m not the best example.  But don’t think for a second there wasn’t someone out there who struggled at some point, failed a few times, but still made it.  If you’ve got a passion, a vision, and a solid support team, you can most definitely define your version of the future.


I think the biggest example we’ve seen of this is furthering education.  Back in the old days, furthering your education was not necessary to go get a job that could last you until you were at least close to retirement.  Perhaps you don’t have as much spending money as others, but it was a liable option for those who couldn’t afford college.  Fast forward a couple decades, and college is the new high school degree.  Fast forward to now, and I think people can choose their path.


It will be tough – but no one said it would be easy.  Often our wants come with hardship.  But I strongly urge you to meet that hardship head on, and take advantage of opportunities when you can, to prepare yourself.  Here at Bryant, I’ve done all I can to further my progression.  I am on the Executive Board of three organizations, Vice President of two of them.  I ran an event where 25 other universities competed, and 25 companies sponsored.  Currently I’m working with another organization to run a conference where Steve Forbes is coming to speak.  Lastly, I’m double majoring, and considering double minoring (if I can do it with no extra semesters; I love college but not that much.)  I’m taking advantage of my opportunities so after college I have options – will you also take advantage, and shape your future?


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