Daily Motivation 2/12/18

“In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow” – Lou Holtz

Absolutely love the gumption here by Lou Holtz.  Dying might be a little extreme, as far as a person goes, but I get his point and absolutely agree.  You need to be constantly progressing in this day-and-age.  If you aren’t constantly getting better, you are going to be quickly surpassed.  For many business owners, your business may die.  For individuals, you may not die, but if you aren’t growing you are certainly becoming less relevant.


It may seem like its hard to ‘get in motion and grow,’ but its a lot more simple than people think.  Moving forward is still moving!  Get out there and grow as a person through any means necessary.  Learn a new language.  Get a new hobby.  Meet a new person.  Start a new book.  Ignite your passions, because they will inspire you to create.


For today’s daily motivation, I want everyone to consider if you’re growing every day.  Do you hit the gym every day?  Growth.  Do you read every night before bed? Growth.  Hell, even hitting some key goals at work can be growth!  But don’t wake up every day and let ‘death’ live your life.  Get into action and grow!