Daily Motivation 2/9/18

“Winning is teaching.  Losing is learning”

I’ll be completely honest when I say this is maybe my favorite little anecdote.  I absolutely love it – I think it displays a lot about life.

When you are winning, you are showing the next people coming up what success looks like.  The way they get there might not be the same, in fact it most likely won’t be.  However, you’re showing them what it takes to succeed – to win.  Or maybe in some cases, you aren’t necessarily teaching to raise them, but you’re showing others why you’re the best.

Losing on the other hand is all about learning.  We lose, we figure out why we lost, we head back to the drawing board, and make sure we do better next time.  Every time failure rears its ugly head, we need to be learning from it.  If we aren’t learning with every failure, how do we expect to get better?

For today’s daily motivation, I want you to think about a loss you have taken lately, and what you could learn from it.  How can you get better next time?  Really break it down, analyze, and set up a plan for next time you give it a go!