Daily Motivation 2/7/18


“When opportunity knocks… make sure you answer”

I think this is such an important message for everyone to remember.  Opportunity does not knock very often in certain cases, and we have to be on the lookout for opportunities in disguise.  Certain things might not seem like opportunities, but they are.


For example, an Instagram “salesperson” might consider someone who says not to buying their product a botched sale, and cut contact.  Instead, you should be courteous, and consider if that contact has any other contacts that might need this service/product.  Or, keep the contact, because its always good to have a bigger network.  Just one example of how we often see failure, and don’t realize there may be an opportunity in due time.


For example, the first time I approached PepsiCo, I was not accepted for consideration for an internship, because I was a freshman.  Second time I came around, I got an interview, but didn’t get the position.  My third time I got hired to a sales management internship.  Eventually a window will open.


However, I’d like to also consider how people willingly turn down opportunities.  If you aren’t doing anything currently, what do you have to lose?  You never know, you may find success with whatever it is.  For today’s daily motivation, consider if you are willingly turning down good opportunities, or unknowingly limiting yourself.