Daily Motivation 2/8/18

“Income seldom exceeds personal development” – Jim Rohn

I want to preface by saying there is nothing wrong with turning, or wanting to turn a profit.  I love money – and personally, I think that money typically gets you what you want.  Aside from that, I also agree that very rarely does income exceed personal development.  What does Jim Rohn mean by this?  Too many people invest everything they have into increasing the size of their paycheck.  Not enough people are putting time, energy, and all the other great stuff into growing themselves!


You can make all the money in the world, but at the end of the day, is the extra money worth the personal development that someone else was able to achieve with a less “suitable” salary?  Here is my school of thought.  Increasing your salary can be tough in certain situations, but I think it can always be done no matter what.  Whether that requires you to get a new job, relocate, or work your ass off (which you should already be doing), so be it, it CAN be done.


Therefore, I think it is possible to increase salary without getting rid of time to develop yourself – which I think is what Jim Rohn is truly attempting to get at here.  That we need to stop sacrificing our lives in order to turn a larger profit.  Look at some of the most successful people in the world.  They’re busy, probably exhausted, but they still read almost every day.   Why is that?  I mean beyond the fact that they probably enjoy reading and learning, they know that no amount of money should change the fact they like to develop as people.  No net worth can put someone beyond the realm of self-development.


For today’s daily motivation, think about what you do to personally develop yourself.  It can be hard, when you are busy with work, and then trying to live a life after work, or taking care of others/children.  But remember this quote, that no amount of income will exceed your personal development.


Agree?  Disagree?  Leave me a comment below!