Daily Motivation 2/11/18

“Never spread yourself too thin”

As an entrepreneur, you are naturally stretched thin.  This isn’t the intent of this post.  This post is meant for people who are looking at opportunities, and are taking too many.  It is great to take opportunities, but lately I’ve found that I’m just becoming a “Yes-man,” and just becoming too ‘reliable.’


I thought I’d share a little of my struggle lately.  I feel as though I’m taking on too many things, trying to please people besides myself.  I have expertise to give, and people want my help.  If you know me, I’m always willing to give extra.


In my eyes, it helps them, and it really helps me too.  But where do I draw the line, and ask myself if I’m only hurting myself in the end by taking on too much.  Lately I’ve felt that because I do so much, my effort for certain things is wavering.  A slip in quality is the last thing I want.


For today’s daily motivation, consider if everything you’re doing is something you truly want to be doing, or something you’re doing because it is truly leading to self-progression.  Perhaps in this new year, we can eliminate some of the dead weight and focus more on things we truly want to get done.