Daily Motivation 2/3/18

“Fake it ’til you make it?  No faking here.  I’m making it”

Don’t wake up every morning and fake something.  So many accounts promote cars, luxury houses, and traveling to the Bahamas when they have none of it.  Yes certain people do make it known that these are dreams, but some act like they have it when they don’t.


I want everyone who wants a Lamborghini, to get a Lamborghini.  I want everyone who wants a nice house, to have a nice house.  What I don’t want, is for people to sell scams, lie, or just be a generally scummy person in order to get there.  Be REAL with people.  Be REAL with yourself.  Eventually, you’ll find success.



I cannot stand the direction that sales has taken via the means of social media.  I hate that sales has a bad perception in the eyes of the public because people are too interested about the bottom line.  People need to start worrying about linking the correct products to the correct customers!!!  Stop pushing your product on anyone and everyone! It is getting extremely lame, and just generally annoying to see this.

Mini-Rant Over


For today’s daily motivation, I encourage you to start being real.  Don’t fake anything, and show the reality.  Honestly it is so so SO much more relatable, and much more likable.  But maybe you’re saying you don’t need to be those things.  Be real because it will take you farther than faking ever will.