Daily Motivation 2/2/18

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time” – Steve Jobs

Honestly, I don’t think there is anything such as an overnight success.  Overnight, people can certainly get famous.  They can certainly get rich.  Hell, through means of science, they can become “better looking.”  But success is something that takes a long time.  It takes a solid plan: how you’re going to get there, how long it will take (roughly), and what it will take to get there.


Gary Vee is a perfect example of a lot of things, but he is the literal perfect example of “overnight successes” taking a long time.  Hes been building up everything he has for some time, and for most people, he seems like an overnight success because he moves into their space.  Some of us were probably unfamiliar with him – but since he provided us with experiences and thoughts that are similar to what we are interested in learning about, he has become an inspiration.


Sometimes it just takes time for a few reasons.  Maybe we have a great product, but we haven’t met the right target market yet.  You are doing the right things, but something isn’t hitting its stride just yet.  There can be a number of factors that ultimately make up success – and it takes time to put them all together.  Have patience, and trust that you are doing the right things – but always be testing for them as well!


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