Daily Motivation 2/6/18

“The best investment you can make is in yourself” – Warren Buffett

This has been something lingering in my mind lately, as I’ve been battling a viral infection as of late.  This has been the third time in the past year that I have gotten a viral infection, and I think it really put in my mind that I have to start taking better care of myself.


This can be anything from getting more sleep, in order to keep my immune system more in order, to taking vitamin gummies or pills every day.  But as I sit here typing away with bronchitis, I have been really reevaluating all the practices I currently utilize.  I wash my hands often, and shower very often as well – but lately my health has been quite troublesome.


Anyways mini-rant because I love taking non-business things and seeing a more personal application.  But this year, I will not only be investing in my health, but my ideas as well.  Implementing things that might be scary, and might seem stupid to others, but ones that I hope I can put enough work in to, to make successful.


Overall, besides me being annoyed that I’m sick, and posting about investing in myself because my health would clearly value from it, I urge all of you to invest in your ideas.  Take action on even the smallest of ideas.  There is little risk investing in yourself, but a big reward if it pays off.